Survey reveals that you work way too hard


A survey by phone network 3 has revealed some nasty statistics about quite how much you lot work. Turns out that 31% of you feel you have to be contactable by work whenever and wherever you are, 23% of you have answered calls or sent emails whilst down the pub, 25% have worked on public transport and 13% of you have sent emails and made work calls from the doctor’s surgery (in the waiting room, I presume)…

Jaxtr – sort of like a web-based Skype, now with free international texts


Jaxtr totally bypasses your local operator so you’re not at the mercy of your mobile or landline provider any more. Sign up, register your handset, and it’s hello to extremely cheap – and in some cases free – global telephony options.

Jaxtr’s been going since 2007 and has just granted all of its users the chance to send £FREE international text messages. Excitingly, this is one scheme that we’re allowed to join…

Earn money when abroad using Noodle's international calls

noodle67.jpg A phone service which not only promises to save you money, but to make you money? Bah! Sounds like something Richard Branson dreamt once, and then chuckled to himself for 37 minutes upon waking up, before going back to bed for another sleep.

Yet, that’s what Noodle are promising to do for clients, by giving you a special Noodle number when you text them before you go abroad. When there, grab yourself a cheap local SIM card, contact Noodle and let them know that SIM card’s number, make your friends call you when sunning yourself by the pool…