Jaxtr – sort of like a web-based Skype, now with free international texts

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jaxtr-free-texts-calls-uk-beta-webjpg.jpgJaxtr totally bypasses your local operator so you’re not at the mercy of your mobile or landline provider any more. Sign up, register your handset, and it’s hello to extremely cheap – and in some cases free – global telephony options.

Jaxtr’s been going since 2007 and has just granted all of its users the chance to send £FREE international texts. Excitingly, this is one scheme that we’re allowed to join in with – Jaxtr supports 38 countries and the UK is one of them. How very web 2.0 of them.

It’s ad-funded, mind, so as long as you don’t mind having an advert for a wholly inappropriate and unrelated product tagged beneath your every text message, go for it.

(Via Jaxtr)

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One thought on “Jaxtr – sort of like a web-based Skype, now with free international texts

  • They are thieves for sure.. I had a jaxtr premium account ($50 per month) which promised good minutes. My account was always zero-ed at the end of the month (even if I didn’t talk) and $50 was actually being deducted twice a month from my account! The quality sucks. I was charged even after disabling my plan. They don’t even have a customer support number to call (only email) and they have stopped responding to my emails about reimbursement.

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