Earn money when abroad using Noodle's international calls

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noodle67.jpg A phone service which not only promises to save you money, but to make you money? Bah! Sounds like something Richard Branson dreamt once, and then chuckled to himself for 37 minutes upon waking, before going back to bed for another sleep.

Yet, that’s what Noodle are promising to do for clients, by giving you a special Noodle number when you text them before you go abroad. When there, grab yourself a cheap local SIM card, contact Noodle and let them know that SIM card’s number, make your friends call you when sunning yourself by the pool, and voila! Any call you receive whilst abroad will earn you 2pence per minute. If you’re worried that your friends will be footing the bill, worry not dear holiday-maker, as they’ll only be paying for a national call.

Noodle (via Anorak)

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Katherine Hannaford
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