Football fans face massive phone bills from Russia World Cup

Football fans heading to this year's World Cup could face roaming bills of £3,696 for a 14-day trip to Russia, according to research by price comparison site With the tournament just weeks away, supporters and holidaymakers are being warned that mobile roaming fees for a two-week trip could well cost as much as a…

Vodafone adds 28 new destinations to Vodafone WorldTraveller

  Vodafone has added 28 new worldwide destinations to Vodafone WorldTraveller, so customers who register for both Vodafone WorldTraveller and Vodafone EuroTraveller can take their UK minutes, texts and data with them to 98 destinations across Europe and the Rest of the World from £3 extra a day. The news means that customers with a…

EE customers get 4G roaming in 14 new countries

EE has announced that customers going on holiday can look forward to 4G roaming speeds in 16 countries from tomorrow - up from just two before. The countries that are getting the 4G roaming boost are Canada, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland - joining France and…

O2 boosts holiday data allowance to 50mb

Good news for travellers this summer as mean old O2 (pictured) has received a visit from the ghost of holidays future, and has kindly relented and opted to give us a more generous data allocation when using our phones abroad. Under the new regime pay monthly customers will now be able pay £1.99 a day…

Cheap European data roaming for Vodafone customers

Vodafone have changed their pricing structure for travelling customers to make using mobile data in Europe a bit more tempting. With arms in several European territories already, Vodafone will be able to offer a 25MB per day allowance to their…

Mobile roaming charges slashed


There’s good news coming out of Brussels (don’t say this to anyone who voted UKIP) regarding mobile phone roaming charges. From July the cost of using your mobile phone abroad could be slashed by a whopping 60%.

Rules drawn up by the EU mean that the costs of a text will be cut to around 10p (€0.11 to be precise) down from the usual 25p – although I know from experience O2 charges 35p.

The costs of calls has been reduced too, although the ridiculous practice that you pay for calls received as well as those made still applies – albeit with price reductions. The cost of a call made will be cut to €0.46 a minute (work it out in pence yourselves, you lazy so-and-sos) and calls received will be €0.22 a minute. These prices will be further reduced in 2010 and 2011.

The cost of web browsing is still astronomical whilst abroad though so unless you’ve got plenty of dosh, avoid this. Prices have been reduced, but only to €1 a MB, meaning a song streamed from or a video watched via YouTube is still going to cost you a few quid.

Alternatively, sign up with Vodafone’s Passport scheme and receive free roaming for three months this summer. You simply pay the usual UK charges – have a read of this post from last month for more details. Or go direct to Vodafone.

(via Digital Lifestyles)

EU helping reduce your Vodafone direct debit – proposes capping roaming SMS and data fees


The EU is once again aiming its twin bureaucracy cannons at the mobile industry, this time planning a crackdown on roaming fees charged when users TXT THER M8s from holiday.

The EU, lead by a rampaging Viviane Reding, has already signalled its intentions to attack rip-off roaming fees, but now we have facts – a cap of 11 euro cents (8p) per roaming text is proposed, a 62% reduction on the current average roaming fee of 29 cents…