Two weeks of international iPhone roaming cost… $3,000?!


cash-in-case.jpgOuch. And double ouch. We’re more than used to outrageous international roaming rates here in Europe, but it seems US operator AT&T Wireless isn’t averse to making a few dollars from its travelling customers either.

Take the guy who took his iPhone to the UK for a fortnight, and was only able to sign up for a ‘per-use’ roaming plan that cost $0.005 per kilobyte of data. Those kilobytes soon added up though, and he was later hit with a $3,000 bill for his trip.

Thankfully, after his case was publicised on BoingBoing, AT&T rang him up to waive the charges. The moral of this story? If you must go abroad with your iPhone, be bright and only surf the internet via Wi-Fi hotspots.

(via iPhonic)

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