Will certain Xbox 360 games only run if you've got a hard drive?


xbox-hd.jpgThat’s the latest rumour doing the rounds of internetweb gossipmongers, anyway. Apparently some Xbox 360 games will come with a ‘Hard Disk Drive Required’ badge on their boxes, and will work by decompressing game data onto the hard drive, ensuring more space for, oh, I dunno, ceiling textures and lighting effects.

It doesn’t sound too outrageous, especially as PC gamers are well used to the sickening feeling that you get when you realise you’re going to have to upgrade your kit to play that hot new game you’ve been eyeing. And besides, if you’ve got a 360, the delights of Xbox Live Arcade mean there’s really no excuse not to be packing a hard drive.

(via Xboxer)

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Stuart Dredge
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