Humax first to pass Freeview Playback Group 2 standard for DTRs

Digital set-top boxes

humax_pvr_freeview.jpgHumax has announced that it’s the first digital TV recorder (DTR manufacturer to pass the Freeview Playback Group 2 standard.

In English, that means that its PVR-9200TB and PVR-9200TS models guarantee users the following features:

Series link: Allows viewers to programme the DTR to automatically record every episode of a series

Split recording: records two-part programmes, for example a film with a news break.

Alternate instance recording: Suggests an alternative (repeat) time for the same programme if a clash in the recording schedule occurs.

The PVR-9200T will also be upgraded to handle these new features via an automatic, over-the-air software download.

The Freeview Playback Group 2 PVR-9200T range will be available for around £229.99 at the usual UK electronics retailers.

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Andy Merrett
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  • Humax certainly produce products of a very high standard, but their customer support isn’t always up to the same level. Anyone who owns the Freeview box F2 Fox-1 will be fully aware of this.
    About 3 years ago Humax provided a download which was intended to upgrade the programme guide, instead it removed all the programme info. leaving only the titles. Their customer services say the problem is down to a lack of memory. They have always said that the engineers are prioritising other things and given no indication that the problem will be rectified.
    Astonishingly, the F2 Fox-1 can still be found on sale, with the fault pre-loaded. Surely if there isn’t time to do the fix, they could reverse the damage they’ve done.
    It seems they’re just expecting people to give up. It’s a shame because their products are so good, but I wouldn’t buy again on principle.

  • Humax recently provided an update to FVPG1 for customers to update boxes that may have been purchased nearly 2 Years ago. I see no reason to doubt that another is in the pipeline, indeed that is what is stated in the press release.

    Humax should be applauded for supporting their current user base, other manufacturers should take note.

  • Just because Humax have passed the FVPG2 specs does not mean the facilities will be available immediately on the new boxes or OTA…

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