Samsung launch eleven DVD recorders including digital Freeview models and upscalers

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Samsung has announced eleven new DVD recorders, including combo, single, and hard disc versions.

HDD DVD recorders

The HDD DVD range includes the DVD-HR755 DVD recorder which comes with a 250GB hard drive and supports multi-format recording onto DVD RAM/+RW/+R/-RW/-R, and has Samsung’s EZ REC mode that provides the user with on-screen prompts for easy recording.

It also features Anynet+ technology which uses a single HDMI cable to connect the DVD recorder to a high definition TV, allowing a single remote to control both devices, and feature 1080i upscaling of standard definition content.

Also available is the DVD-HR753, featuring a 160GB hard drive, and the DVD-HR750, also with 160GB but lacking the HDMI and Anynet+ features.

In addition, the DVD-SH855M features a 250GB hard drive plus a DVB-T digital tuner with full MHEG interactivity, plus a USB port for loading up digital content from an external source.

The DVD-SH853M features many of the same functions, but with a smaller 160GB hard drive.

Read on for the combo and single DVD recorder ranges.

Combo DVD recorders

The combo recorder range has many of the same features as the hard drive based recorders, but also comes with a VHS video recorder, so if you still have old cassettes that you want to transfer and keep, these could be the best option.

The DVD-VR355 features the HDMI Anynet+ function, whereas the DVD-VR350 doesn’t.

The DVD-VR350M comes with a DVB-T digital tuner with MHEG, but no HDMI/Anynet+ functionality.

Single Tray DVD recorders

Finally, the single-tray DVD range offers much the same functionality again, but only features the DVD recorder, meaning the units are slimmer and more compact.

The DVD-R155 offers recording onto all DVD formats, and features HDMI with Anynet+, while the DVD-R149 writes just to DVD RAM/-RW/-R, and doesn’t have the HDMI/Anynet+ technology.

The DVD-SR150M features DVB-T digital tuner with MHEG.

All units are available now.


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