Earth2Tech green gadgets blog launches


earth2tech.jpgSustainable technology and green gadgets are increasingly high-profile buzz-phrases, and they’re only going to become more so in the years ahead. We’re not yet at the point where mass-market consumers choose their gadgets based on how eco-friendly the manufacturer is, but it’s not far off.

With that in mind, check out Earth2Tech, a new blog covering “the intersections between the tech industry, the business of green, and startups that will use technology and innovation to combat climate change”. No, it’s not a Shiny Media blog – we don’t just cross-promote our own, y’know (although have you seen Hippy Shopper…)

It’s come out of the well-respected GigaOM blog network, and promises to split its posts between covering ‘clean tech’ companies in areas like solar power and biofuels, examining tech giants’ eco-friendly schemes, and presenting resources on green tech aimed at entrepreneurs and VCs.

Earth2Tech blog

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