EQO Mobile offers BlackBerry users cheap international calls and messaging

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More VoiP through your mobile, this time from EQO Mobile, which has extended its cheap international calls and messaging to BlackBerry users.

EQO Mobile launched at the end of May, using a small (free) software application to make International calling, texting and IM significantly cheaper – at local calling and messaging rates. “There are more than seven million BlackBerry users around the world who can now enjoy the many benefits of EQO Mobile,” said EQO CEO Bill Tam. “Blackberry users are typically avid communicators and by using EQO they will save a lot of money on international calls to land-line and mobile phone numbers. Add to that the ability to access your IM on MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, GoogleTalk and Jabber in the same application and you have an appealing option for people using BlackBerrys.”

EQO Mobile doesn’t require a computer or require any kind of callback. It also lets you auto import contacts and offers free calls and messaging to other EQO users. And it also has the option of free IM on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GoogleTalk, ICQ and Jabber.

Find out more at the EQO website

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