IMOVIO launch sub-sub-sub-sub-notebook – the iKit

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imovio-ikit.jpgIn fact it’s more of a super-mobile than a sub-notebook. This tiny tiny device – the iKit – has a QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a webcam. It runs Linux, and apparently has apps built in for web browsing, email and IM.

The company’s currently pitching the device to network operators and so on, but I’m not really seeing any benefits of this device over something like the G1 – same keyboard, touchscreen interface, less clunky. Still, the iKit is just £100, which isn’t something you could say for the G1, or the iPhone.

iKit (via Computerworld)

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  • lol this thing is really nice and i want it, any word on the release date?

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