Pano selling what appears to be an empty box – the Pano Zero Client cloud computer

It’s not often we can feature a photograph of a computer at very nearly life size here on the main page, but the Pano Zero Client has helped fulfil that minor ambition.

It’s a tiny little computer designed entirely around streaming “cloud” apps via the internet or from an internal network, hence its small size – there’s nothing in it apart from the bits the Ethernet, VGA and USB ports plug into. It only uses 5 Watts, so it’ll be fine to leave it on doing whatever it is that it does all night.


According to Pano, the Zero Client has “no CPU, no memory, no operating system…

Optoma Pico portable projector – pack 60 inches in your pocket


Here’s the Optoma Pico pocket projector, for all the “must beam something onto a wall” moments that occur so frequently on the go. No, I’m being mean, there’s a whole wealth of uses for something like this – especially because it can project an impressive 60″ picture from 2.6m away.

It’s the perfect thing for showing off your holiday photos round your parents’ house, or entertaining a nephew by letting him play his Wii on a 60″ screen, rather than the crappy little 17″ TV he’s stuck with. There’s umpteen thousand business uses, too…

Turn your iPhone into a netbook with OLO Computer


Are you ready for the unholy matrimony of two of the year’s biggest technology trends? That’s right – soon you’ll be able to turn your iPhone into a Eee PC-style netbook. Simply slot your iPhone into the space where the trackpad normally sits, and then enjoy all your applications with a full mechanical keyboard and 8.9″ screen.

It’s a little bit reminiscent of the ill-fated Palm Foleo, which could have been the first netbook, but was instead cancelled after a wave of criticism along the lines of “but no-one would want to carry a tiny notebook computer around!”. I bet Palm are cursing the Eee PC every day…

Shiny Video Preview: TVonics MFR 300

In this video, Dan gets his hands on a tiny tiny digital TV reciever “designed for people who don’t want big freeview boxes”. It’s got very simple, very small design, with just enough space to plug in the appropriate cables. Decent UI too. But don’t take my word for it, watch the video and take Dan’s. It’s £60, and it’s available now.


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