Pano selling what appears to be an empty box – the Pano Zero Client cloud computer

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It’s not often we can feature a photograph of a computer at very nearly life size here on the main page, but the Pano Zero Client has helped fulfil that minor ambition.

It’s a tiny little computer designed entirely around streaming “cloud” apps via the internet or from an internal network, hence its small size – there’s nothing in it apart from the bits the Ethernet, VGA and USB ports plug into. It only uses 5 Watts, so it’ll be fine to leave it on doing whatever it is that it does all night.


According to Pano, the Zero Client has “no CPU, no memory, no operating system, and no software, so it requires zero maintenance and has no security risks” – no security risks thanks to it being an empty plastic case? They’re not fooling us.

(Via Dvice)

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