The CherryPal ultra-losable ultra-portable PC

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CherryPal-ultra-losable-pc.jpgCheck out this ridiculous little thing. It looks like a USB hub or some sort of budget-brand router you might buy off eBay for £7.99. But no – it’s the CherryPal. It is a proper PC, despite its 5.8″ x 4.2″ size.

Inside the minuscule case there’s a Freescale 5121E processor with integrated graphics powers, accompanied by 256MB of main memory and a 4GB flash drive – CherryPal users are expected to store files online. This frugal little lot helps the CherryPal to bravely run using a frankly stunning 2Watts of electricity, even when using wi-fi.

It runs on a version of Linux behind the scenes – but the primary method of user input is the Firefox browser. Like most PCs nowadays, in fact. CherryPal has just gone on sale, to Americans, on the CherryPal web site. It’s priced an equally small $249 – and shipping to the UK is a mere $19. Get in there.

(Via Crave)

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