Tilted Twister – Lego robot solves Rubik's Cube in six minutes

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File this one under ‘awesome’. It’s a Lego Mindstorms robot which can solve a Rubik’s Cube on its own in just six minutes, with an average of 60 faceturns. It uses a colour sensor to work out what’s where, then takes a moment to work out a plan, then executes it with blinding efficiency. Check it out at double speed in the video above.

Tilted Twister (via @Rodreegez)

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Duncan Geere
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  • This is simply amazing! I have created simple robots in uni. I can imagine how long the algorithm for the problem solving must be. Very impressive. Great work!

  • Great! I used to do it to kill time and maintain my brain, now I can watch TV and get dumb!

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