The Shots Gun – bang, bang, you're drunk


Britons and other binge drinkers of the world, your quest for the ultimate Christmas party gadget has ended. Behold the Shots Gun and grin at the kind of nights that you know will ensure if you get your credit card out now and make that £14.99 outlay – no, investment!

I’m toying with it now myself. In fact, I’m going to use you to think about it – I hope you don’t mind – and by the end of this post I’ll have made up my mind. So, a device that you strap to the top of any spirit bottle and use to shoot booze. Hmm…

Ok, problem one – it’s expensive; not ludicrously expensive but not cheap for something you have to pump to get to work and with no promise about the kind of velocity at which the liquid comes out. A dribbler would be useless.

On closer inspection, it doesn’t seem to measure out a 25ml or anything like that. I reckon it just shoots until the pressure runs out. Now, it could be calibrated to be somewhere near a shot’s worth but I doubt it.

I guess the bottom line is, will it be fun? Will it produce that one memorable night that people always look back to as “that night with the Shots Gun”? Well, it might but I’m not sure that night’s worth it because I can’t help picture a scene where I’m depressed in an armchair after my woman’s left me and I’m dribbling whisky into my mouth and onto my dressing gown with this thing. I probably haven’t showered for days and some poor friend is going to spend years trying to get the image out of their heads after they become the person to get me out of my slump.

Right, I’m sold. I’m getting one.

Shot Gun (via Gearfuse)

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