Optoma Pico portable projector – pack 60 inches in your pocket

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Here’s the Optoma Pico pocket projector, for all the “must beam something onto a wall” moments that occur so frequently on the go. No, I’m being mean, there’s a whole wealth of uses for something like this – especially because it can project an impressive 60″ picture from 2.6m away.

It’s the perfect thing for showing off your holiday photos round your parents’ house, or entertaining a nephew by letting him play his Wii on a 60″ screen, rather than the crappy little 17″ TV he’s stuck with. There’s umpteen thousand business uses, too.

The unit itself is tiny and light. See the photo above for comparison with an N95, but if you’re not familiar with the size of Nokia’s multimedia phone, then it measures 50mm x 103mm x 15mm. It only weighs 115g, too. Tiny and light is great for just keeping it in your bag at all times ‘just in case’.

Dan will have some more on this little beauty later in the day, including some video hopefully, so I’ll let him review it properly then, but there’s no mention in the press release of how many lumens the unit pumps out. Presumably that’s because the answer is “not many”.

Still, if you don’t mind shutting the curtains before you project, and can handle a battery life rated at two hours, then it’s going to be available in November and cost £250. Pick it up in the January sales, perhaps?

Optoma Pico

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