Guess how big a Nokia N810 is?

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pective-size-site.jpgSimple common guesswork is YESTERDAY’S NEWS when it comes to accurate gadget sizing, thanks to oddball thing-size display site Pective.

Pective asks you for your computer’s screen size, then lets you select from a vast array of gadgets to see how big they are by popping up a life-sized photo. Yes, that is all it does. Good luck “monetising” this in the future, guys.

So if you’re a bit worried that your pre-ordered T-Mobile G1 isn’t going to be quite as small as your out-dated old iPhone, it might come in useful. Failing that, it’s something to do for half an hour. You can even see how big a credit card is, should you be so financially disadvantaged or young that you’re not allowed to have access to any money.

(Via Crave)

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