The UK has gone GAMING MAD – 22 million consoles in use, PS3 dead last


Gfk-ChartTrack, the Europe-wide sales-counting conglomerate that tracks how many games and how much hardware we’ve all been buying, has sad there are now a staggering 22 million games consoles in the UK.

That’s an increase from January 2008’s 13.5 million, a figure which presumably doesn’t include all our childhood Mega Drives and SNESs that are sitting in mum & dad’s loft. Nintendo sold 2.9 million Wiis between Jan 2008 and Jan 2009, Microsoft shifted 1.4m Xbox 360 consoles and Sony moved a rather poor 1m PS3s, making it…

GTA IV sightseeing – how close is Liberty City to the actual Big Apple?

Do you know GTA IV’s Liberty City inside-out yet? Have you at least memorised where your house is and where all the strip clubs are? Also, have you ever spent £1200 on flying to New York for a weekend, just so you can save about £25 on buying socks and pants really cheap in GAP on Fifth Avenue?

If you answered “SHIT YES!” to both of the above, you will like this very much – it’s some guy’s collection of photos of New York compared to screenshots of GTA IV’s NYC-inspired Liberty City. See what is real and what is fiction over on his Flickr page.


NYC and LC are “pretty close” it would appear, although the skyline’s seriously…

HD DVD owners buy more movies than Blu-ray owners, in Europe at least

hd-dvd-euro-victory.jpgAnother week, another unsubstantiated series of boasts from HD format makers.

This week it’s the turn of HD DVD to do a bit of claiming about how well its doing, with the group saying European buyers buy more discs on HD DVD format than on “other” HD formats. Apparently, owners of HD DVD players have bought an average of 3.8 movies each, compared to an abysmal 0.7 attach rate…