Guess how big a Nokia N810 is?


Guesswork is YESTERDAY’S NEWS when it comes to accurate gadget sizing, thanks to oddball thing-size display site Pective.

Pective asks you for your screen size then lets you select from a vast array of gadgets to see how big they are. Yes, that is all it does. Good luck “monetising” this in the future, guys….

The 10 YouTube videos we're STILL not bored of

vorderman-milf.jpgSome YouTube videos stay with you long after the first viewing. Sometimes because they have scarred and terrified you, other times because the sheer stupidity on display has lowered the bar further than previously thought possible.

Here are the 10 YouTube classics we go back to time and time again, for endless free entertainment – and have even considered trying to work out how to save to our computer just in case YouTube ever breaks or closes, such is their ‘national treasure’ status.

1. Carol Vorderman spelling out MILF on Countdown. Could literally watch this on a loop 24-hours-a day without any other form of stimulation whatsoever. Would pay to watch a three-hour loop of it at the cinema. Would buy an HD Blu-ray loop of it. And it’d still be hilarious in 2012. She doesn’t even understand, the poor thing…

Keane to release single on memory stick

Keane are set to release their next single "Nothing In My Way" on a limited edition USB flash drive, according to their record label. Just 1500 devices will go on sale with a MP3 version of the single plus a…