CD-Wow! in more trouble – Advertising Standards Police on the case


cdwow-ad-shame.jpgAfter being hit with a £41m fine for illegally importing its CDs from the wrong bit of the world, poor old discount music store CD-Wow! is in trouble again.

This time, it’s been accused of, well, lying to people in its bargain-packed email ads. The Advertising Standards Agency charged the company with offering deals not actually available on the site – and classified the ad as misleading thanks to CD-Wow! not bothering to offer any defence or explanation.

The fuss was all caused by a complaint from one shopper, who said they were “unable to find any of the top five CDs or DVDs on the website for £4.99” – despite the email promising them all for £4.99.

So typical of the internet. If only we had a pound for every time we’ve clicked a promising-looking link in an email only to be disappointed by the end results, ie, the photos of Gemma Atkinson actually show her fully clothed.


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Gary Cutlack
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