Porsche Design's emergency radio


porsche_design_radio.jpgWhat sort of emergency is a Porsche driver likely to encounter? Help, my Page 3 model girlfriend is cheating on me with her manicurist? Help, my £1.6million Hertfordshire mansion has only gone up 10% in value over the last six months?

Whatever the problem, Porsche Design has a new, battery-free solution to whatever molehill you’re currently making into a mountain. It’s a fancy wind-up radio, basically, so in a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland you can listen to looping emergency service broadcasts telling you to stay calm and not loot Tesco, plus there’s a torch, mobile phone charger, siren and strobe light, for any post-apocalyptic raves you stumble across.

The mobile phone charger won’t be much use in a serious disaster, though, as the communication infrastructure would’ve been taken out by the first wave of nukes.

Via (Autoblog)

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Gary Cutlack
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