The App Store turns one

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This week marks the first anniversary of the Apple iTunes App Store. Funnily enough, Apple has not missed the opportunity to publicise the fact and nor have we, although not necessarily for the same reasons.

There’s no doubting that the App Store has been a huge success and one of the most important factors in the spread of the iPhone but what of the future? Where is the App Store headed next or is it just a one trick pony?

Each day this week we’re looking at a different facet of what it’s achieved, what it stands for and what it means for the rest of the market place. Stay tuned each day and don’t miss our massive Top Apps list coming later in the week. Enjoy and happy downloading.


Monday – The App Store is a pile of novelty nonsense. Discuss.

Tuesday – The iPhone and App Store vs. Nintendo and PlayStation

Wednesday – APP OFF! App Store vs Ovi vs App World vs Android Market

Thursday – The 101 best iPhone apps in the world today

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  • How can it be a 1 trick pony when over 50K apps are on it, and of course the number of apps sold? Every day over 250 new apps are hitting the app store, I think it’s here to stay! (I’ve purchased a huge number myself) 🙂

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