The UK ISN'T the most expensive place to buy an iPod!


ipod-nano-price-cheapest.jpgIncredible, eh? A monstrously long-winded price survey over on Reuters lists Rip-Off Britain down in a very respectable 33rd place when it comes to the global cost of iPod ownership.

Measuring the average price of the 4GB Nano, Australia’s Commonwealth Bank ranked pretty much every major country based on just how deep the punters have to dig to become part of the iCrowd.

Poor Brazil is the most expensive place on the planet to pick up a Nano, with the portable costing a vast $369.61 – that’s £180. For a 4GB Nano. At least they get a bit more sunshine. The UK price is a comparative bargain at an average of $201, meaning we pay less than Germany ($211), France ($225) and Israel ($300).

The world’s cheapest Nano spot is the tech heaven of Hong Kong, where you can pick one up for $148. Or about £72.55 at today’s generous exchange rate.

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