ZuneFest: Microsoft 's 4GB/8GB Zune takes on the iPod Nano

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microsoft-zune-4GB.jpgPhew, at last some hard fact rather than mere rumour. Microsoft has unveiled various new Zune models and related services / accessories, so I’m going to deal with them one by one. Starting with the new 4GB and 8GB Flash-based Zunes.

They’re available in pink, green, black and red flavours, and will sell for $199.99 in the US. Think of them as a direct rival for the iPod Nano, complete with a whizzy Zune Pad touch-sensitive navigation button.

The Flash Zunes can play video as well as music, and offer wireless synchronisation over home Wi-Fi networks, and built-in FM tuners. They’ll also work with Microsoft’s Windows Media Center for Vista to import recorded TV shows.

Zune website

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