ZuneFest rumour: Zune 2 to get DRM-free music?

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zune2.jpgSo, there are deafening rumours that Microsoft will hold some kind of event today to announce its second-generation Zune (despite the fact that us Europeans haven’t even got the first one yet). Silicon Valley Insider has some new details.

Apparently Microsoft plans to use DRM-free music as a big selling point for the new Zunes. As the blog points out, this doesn’t exactly fit well with the existing Zune sharing system, which by definition requires DRM to ensure people pay for the tunes they’ve shared.

However, what would make more sense would be Microsoft selling DRM-free music through its Zune Marketplace online store, following the lead set by iTunes (with iTunes Plus) and Amazon’s AmazonMP3 store. We’ll be on top of any developments in the Zunesphere over the next 24 hours, anyway.

(via Silicon Valley Insider)

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