Microsoft conference in Redmond today rumoured to be Zune 2 launch

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zune-bgrade-thumb.jpgQuicksticks, get to Heathrow ASAP and book yourself a ticket to Redmond, Washington, as today Microsoft is rumoured to be unveiling their second generation of Zunes.

Old Billy Gates and Design and Development Chief J Allard will be presenting the conference, where they’re to reportedly launch the flash-based player, at 4GB and 8GB storage capacities, with Wi-Fi connectivity. The internet is flying with stories saying the new players will be available by November, and will launch alongside a new Zune community site.

As aforementioned, the colours expected for the small flash-based Zunes are pink, red, black and ‘Army Jeep Green’. Oh, I love the smell of fresh Zunes in the morning. Keep the switch turned on to Tech Digest all day, and look out for the confirmation when it comes in through the wires.

Zune (via Beta News)

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