New Microsoft Zune 2s, the 'Draco' and 'Scorpio', to be launched October 16th?

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Authentic photos of the upcoming Microsoft Zune 2? Sure, we’ll believe it when we see it. Which, err, might be now, as both Gizmodo and Zune Scene are claiming the above image of the next version is genuine.

Zune Scene has stated the launch date should be the October 16th according to sources, and that in addition to the pink, red and black versions available, an ‘Army Jeep Green’ will be on offer for the smaller flash Zunes. If the launch goes according to plan, the memory sizes should be 4GB, 8GB and a less-impressive-since-the-iPod-event-the-other-week, 80GB. No news on when the Zune will launch here in Europe, I’m beginning to lose faith it’ll ever find come to our shores.

Microsoft Zune (via Zune Scene)

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