Possible Zune V2 and Zune Flash sighting…

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zune2-zune-flash.jpgAnd here in Europe we’re still waiting for the rubbish old brown one. Still, the redesigned Zune looks like a vast improvement, coming in more contemporary colours and featuring what experts are calling a HUGE BUTTON in place of the old Zune’s central knob.

The redesign also reveals some updated specs, with the standard hard drive-packing Zune apparently getting an upgrade to a huge 80GB, while the flash version is going to come in 4GB and 8GB sizes.

Hopefully this leaked image is the real deal – Zune V2 looks like a vast improvement over the first monstrosity, with the little red Zune Flash bordering on the desirable. Now, we’ve been nice about it, so can we have a UK release, please?

Via (Gizmodo)

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