80GB PS3 release brought forward to this Friday


Excellent news if you were thinking about buying a PS3. Awful news if you’ve just bought one. According to a number of online retailers, Sony are bringing out their 80GB PS3 on Friday, rather than a week Friday as was previously thought…

80GB PlayStation 3 heading Europe in August, bundles to follow

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We learned yesterday that the sort-of-new, sort-of-cut-price 80GB PS3 model was due for North America shortly. But what of little old Europe? Sony has since confirmed that the same model – a non-backwards compatible, larger capacity version of the current 40GB model – will be landing here on August 27th. The price is set at £299 / 399 Euros, the same as the current version.

Microsoft's new Zune models: everything you need to know

microsoft-zune-new.jpgIt might’ve been the most poorly-kept secret in the consumer tech industry, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from giving its new Zune models the big reveal last night, as well as introducing new features for its Zune Marketplace store and debuting a new online community called Zune Social.

ZuneFest: Microsoft unveils 80GB Zune 2

zune-80GB.jpgAlso on the menu at Microsoft’s Zune launch today was a new top-end 80GB Zune, with a 3.2-inch screen and sleek black styling. It’s going to cost $249.99 in the US, although sadly there’s still no details on when MS will bring its players to Europe. Bah.

Anyway, the 80GB Zune includes the new Zune Pad touch-sensitive navigation button (NOT a scrollwheel, obviously), and features a revamped user interface and the ability to customise the display with your own wallpaper picture.

Possible Zune V2 and Zune Flash sighting…

zune2-zune-flash.jpgAnd here in Europe we’re still waiting for the rubbish old brown one. Still, the redesigned Zune looks like a vast improvement, coming in more contemporary colours and featuring what experts are calling a HUGE BUTTON.

The redesign also reveals some updated specs…