Microsoft's new Zune models: everything you need to know

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microsoft-zune-new.jpgIt might’ve been the most poorly-kept secret in the consumer tech industry, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from giving its new Zune models the big reveal last night, as well as introducing new features for its Zune Marketplace store and debuting a new online community called Zune Social.

Here’s the overview, with links off to our individual posts. There’s a new 80GB Zune model on the block, offering a touch-sensitive navi-pad and wireless synchronisation. It’s been joined by several Flash-based Zunes, in 4GB and 8GB models in a variety of colours.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s changes to Zune Marketplace include the addition of videos, podcasts and over a million DRM-free MP3 songs to buy. Zune Social, on the other hand, is an innovative online community that lets you create a dynamically updated profile of your listening habits, which friends can then sample.

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