Round-up on all things Microsoft Zune 2 – new players, software and community launched today!

As announced weeks back, the Zune 2 has finally hit stores today in the US – well, will be today, what with the time difference and everything, and there’s an onslaught of announcements and info flooding the interweb about the launch.

– The flagship model in their new range is the top-end 80GB Zune, shown on the left here, which features a 3.2″ screen, and available only in black, for $249.99 in the US. A touch-sensitive navigation button, revamped…

ZuneFest: Microsoft 's 4GB/8GB Zune takes on the iPod Nano

microsoft-zune-4GB.jpgPhew, at last some hard fact rather than mere rumour. Microsoft has unveiled various new Zune models and related services / accessories, so I’m going to deal with them one by one. Starting with the new 4GB and 8GB Flash-based Zunes.

They’re available in pink, green, black and red flavours, and will sell for $199.99 in the US. Think of them as a direct rival for the iPod Nano, complete with a whizzy Zune Pad touch-sensitive navigation button.

ZuneFest rumour: Zune 2 to get DRM-free music?

zune2.jpgSo, there are deafening rumours that Microsoft will hold some kind of event today to announce its second-generation Zune (despite the fact that us Europeans haven’t even got the first one yet). Silicon Valley Insider has some new details.

Apparently Microsoft plans to use DRM-free music as a big selling point for the new Zunes. As the blog points out, this doesn’t exactly fit well with the existing Zune sharing system, which by definition requires DRM to ensure people pay for the tunes they’ve shared.