80GB PlayStation 3 heading Europe in August, bundles to follow


We learned yesterday that the sort-of-new, sort-of-cut-price 80GB PS3 model was due for North America shortly. But what of little old Europe? Sony has since confirmed that the same model – a non-backwards compatible, larger capacity version of the current 40GB model – will be landing here on August 27th. The price is set at £299 / 399 Euros, the same as the current version.

Before you rush out and either snap up the remains of the 40GB stock (there’s “very, very few left” apparently) or nab a new 80GB when it comes out, Sony also pointed out that it will be doing promotional bundles from September in the run up to Xmas. So that’ll be a Resistance 2 bundle, a Motorstorm: Pacific Rift bundle and a LittleBigPlanet bundle then. You may even get a DualShock 3 thrown in there.

If you’re wondering what you might be filling those extra 40GB of storage space and have been eyeing the newly announced, newly launched PSN film and TV rental service, then you’ll have to hold your horses I’m afraid. Sony Europe has announced that we won’t be seeing a equivalent service in Europe this year.

It promises only that it will arrive “in due course”. In the meantime, I hear BitTorrent is working just fine here in Euro-land. Guess these generous companies just don’t want you paying to download stuff. How generous! Oh, and there’s Go!View for PSP owners. You’re allowed to pay for that.

PlayStation (via Eurogamer)

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