DIY VHS USB hub: fun, nostalgic project, apparently

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Given that you can pick up a four port USB hub for about five quid these days, there’s no economic value in converting an old VHS cassette tape into one (particularly as you need to buy a USB hub to make it work anyway, but for sheer nostalgia, and for the dream of clogging up your desk with a great big hub rather than a tiny one, this project could be for you.

Mention “hot glue” and “soldering equipment” and I’m running — at least for a small project like this — but if it’s your thing, head over to the Instrucables web site and give it a go.

Oh, and if you’ve actually got VHS tapes you want to convert, you’ll be needing this USB VHS converter — which is kind of ironic given that, once you’ve converted them, you can turn the tapes into USB hubs. Yeah, well, you get the idea there.

(Via Instructables)

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