USB hub created in Man's image


This is something I approve of: Making boring gadgets more fun. USB fever has launched a couple of new USB hubs – and as you can probably see, the first one is designed to look a bit like a man. All 4 USB ports, which make up each limb are USB2.0 compatible as you’d expect. Apparently the designers wanted to include a 5th port, but couldn’t decide whether or not it would be appropriate….

DIY VHS USB hub: fun, nostalgic project, apparently


Given that you can pick up a four port USB hub for about five quid these days, there’s no economic value in converting an old VHS cassette tape into one (particularly as you need to buy a USB hub to make it work anyway, but for sheer nostalgia, and for the dream of clogging up your desk with a great big hub rather than a tiny one, this project could be for you.

Mention “hot glue” and “soldering equipment” and I’m running — at least for a small project like this — but if it’s your thing, head over to the Instrucables web site and give it a go…

I want one: R2D2 USB Hub

This is so much more than a USB hub. It's my new pet astromech droid – once I buy it, that is!

This animated 4-port USB hub makes R2D2 beeping sounds every 3 minutes and when you plug in a new device. Oh, just watch the video, you'll probably fall in love with it too. It's €43 and available for pre-order on