USB hub created in Man's image


This is something I approve of: Making boring gadgets more fun. USB fever has launched a couple of new USB hubs – and as you can probably see, the first one is designed to look a bit like a man. All 4 USB ports, which make up each limb are USB2.0 compatible as you’d expect. Apparently the designers wanted to include a 5th port, but couldn’t decide whether or not it would be appropriate.

The other USB hub is slightly more mundane, but may be slightly more useful – the 7-port Octopus hub will, unsurprisingly, hook up up to seven devices, and then the eighth “limb” is the plug that goes into the computer. It’s a bit disappointing though, as it doesn’t actually look like an octopus. And resemblance to animals is the scale on which I judge the quality of gadgets.

They’re available for $13.99 and $21.99 respectively.

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James O’Malley
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