DualShock 3 revealed – PlayStation3 FINALLY gets a rumbling controller


dualshock-3.jpgAt last night’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony Japan’s head man Kaz Hirai shocked precisely no one by revealing DualShock 3 – the rumbling version of PlayStation3’s SIXAXIS controller.

Looking exactly the same as PS3’s existing controller only feeling substantially heavier thanks to the rumble tech inside, TGS visitors were able to enjoy upcoming games like Burnout Paradise with full rumble features.

Sony also revealed a massive list of upcoming games that will now support the “new” rumble features. It is, pretty much, every game currently being made. DualShock 3 will arrive in Japan this November, with the UK, as ever, having to wait until around April of 2008.

Via (PSPSPS.tv)

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Gary Cutlack
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