Lair: the dragon-packed PS3 game you can play on your PSP


lair-remote-play-psp.jpgAs if any game needed more to recommend it than the phrase ‘involves bluddy great big dragons flapping about all over the place’. I’m sold on Lair right there. But Sony’s upcoming PS3 title just got another unique (for now) selling point.

See, Lair will be the first PS3 game that’s also playable on a PSP, using Sony’s Remote Play technology. Assuming your PS3 and Wi-Fi network are both on, you’ll be able to log in and play from anywhere in the world using your PSP – the game still runs on the PS3, but you’re controlling it using the PSP, and watching a live stream on its screen.

It all sounds a bit complicated, to be honest, although it would probably impress fellow delegates if you were away at a conference. Although to be honest, conference delegates are generally just as impressed if you drink seven pints of Polish vodka before successfully staggering your way to the nearest strip bar. I know what goes on in these things.

(via PSPSPS)

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