Joost opens up its API for developer widgets

Web 2.0


Widgets rule. They’re taking over the Web 2.0 world, as companies realise that the more open you are, the faster you grow. And if that involves people biting each other as Facebook Vampires, so much the better.

Joost is the latest Web 2.0 outfit to get widgety. The online TV service has opened up its API, allowing developers to create their own Joost plug-ins. There’s a dedicated website with all the documentation and tutorials eager coders will need.

It’ll be interesting to see what widgets people come up with for Joost. I’m also wondering how open the company plans to be the other way – for example, when will I be able to put my customised Joost channel on my Facebook profile for other people to watch?

Joost Widget API announcement

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Stuart Dredge
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