Samsung teaming up with Yahoo to offer web-enhanced TV, via the Widget Channel


Samsung will, so it is believed, announce a deal with Yahoo to include a series of web apps with its forthcoming HDTV range at this week’s IFA tech show.

The apps, powered by Yahoo Widgets and operating under the name Widget Channel, will let you augment your TV-watching experience, having all sorts of little windows popping up to give you news feeds, tell you what the weather is doing outside and let you watch share prices plummet throughout that afternoon’s episode of Countdown…

Social networks need to be more useful, so stop poking me and get a job!


After last week’s cry from those with the cash that there are too many social networks, more voices are calling for social networks to become more useful.

That follows comments from Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, saying that they hadn’t yet found the best way to advertise and monetise social networks, and statistics which suggest that the popularity of social networks are declining a little…

BBC launches widgets for Radio Times, Good Food, and Top Gear web sites

bbc_top_gear_widget.pngThe BBC is certainly keen to get their content out beyond the gogglebox in the living room. Last month, they put classic TV clips on MySpaceTV, they’ve put classic Parkinson and EastEnders on YouTube, and their iPlayer is booming, so it’s probably no surprise that they’ve now developed widgets which can be used on the desktop, on social networking sites, and popular blog platforms.,, and, all now provide widgets which give regular feeds of the latest news and information.

Shiny Review: BBC's "tenth anniversary" home page


To mark the BBC’s tenth anniversary online, they’ve revamped their online presence with the introduction of a new beta version of their home page.

Labelled “BBC Beta”, which is a little concerning as it sounds as if the whole of the Corporation is now in test mode, the new front page offers an iGoogle-style interface which is customisable with various content widgets.

It’s possible to choose to display a range of excerpts of the BBC’s content, including local, national, and world news, TV and radio listings, sport, weather, blogs, entertainment, and history.

Joost opens up its API for developer widgets


Widgets rule. They’re taking over the Web 2.0 world, as companies realise that the more open you are, the faster you grow. And if that involves people biting each other as Facebook Vampires, so much the better.

Joost is the latest Web 2.0 outfit to get widgety. The online TV service has opened up its API, allowing developers to create their own Joost plug-ins. There’s a dedicated website with all the documentation and tutorials eager coders will need.

Opinion: Welcome to widget world, Apple. What took you so long?

stu-col.jpgStuart Dredge writes…

Hurrah for Apple! No, this isn’t another paen to the iPhone posted from Steve Jobs’ lower colon. I’m just excited about the fact that Apple has thrown its hat into the Web 2.0 bandwagon (gotta love them mixed metaphors) with the launch of My iTunes.

As we explained earlier, My iTunes is a collection of three flash-based widgets that can be embedded into your website, blog or social networking profile. They show your recent iTunes Store purchases, an artist tag cloud (again based on purchases), and music you’ve reviewed on iTunes.