New iPhone 4.0 features uncovered, including widgets!

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iphone media widget.jpgThe iPhone 4.0 SDK beta 3 has revealed some new features for Apple‘s latest mobile OS, and it’s more good news for people hoping to do a lot of multi-tasking.

Best of the bunch of new improvements is the addition of widgets. There is now a media player widget on the homescreen, easily accessed by a quick left-swipe of the multi-tasking tray. Perhaps not a big deal by itself (as you can just as easily bring the music player with double-tap of the homescreen button), but it’ll hopefully be the first of many widgets from Apple.

File sharing has also been improved for 4.0. Files such as mail attachments can now be transferred from iPhone to computer via iTunes, though this function was still a work in progress.

App closing is now noticeably quicker, and a phone orientation lock also will make the UI more intuitive.

Small but significant changes, it still might not be enough to wipe the egg off of Steve Jobs’ face following the iPhone 4G leak.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • This is a smart blog. I mean it. You have so much knowledge about this issue, and so much passion. You also know how to make people rally behind it, obviously from the responses.

  • REALLY! thats not a widget. this OS will have nothing great in it. WOW on your 4th phone and FINALLY brought some form of multi tasking? Honeslty there was NO reason to ever not have it. If it drains the battery quicker than let that be my choice.
    WOW I can do this thing where i can make folders and put shortcuts in it?!?!?!? cant do THAT anywhere else.
    I’m on a 3g. the first time I booted it i played with it and said “I JUST PAID $99 FOR THIS” It didnt do ANYTHING my 2G didnt do?! god 4 phones for an LED flash for your horrible camera? My sonys from 8 years ago had better cameras than this brick.
    NO themes or customization?! Really so basically steve wants to create a mindless cell phone clone zombie army.
    Honestly Droid is going to DESTROY the iphone. I will NEVER buy another apple product after being raped for 99$ on the 3G. I could have kept my 2G and spent that money at the strip joint!
    Eh this phone will be as big of a disappointment as the 3GS… WOW another iphone and you can do video NOW! whoo hooooooooo yawn!
    ATT GET SOME GOOD DROID PHONES! I always say the Iphone is a smart phone with downs! yeah it does one or two neat things but dont ask for ANYTHING else.

  • Have you actualy USED os 4?

    “Perhaps not a big deal by itself (as you can just as easily bring the music player with double-tap of the homescreen button)”

    Um, Try that double tap… What happens? OH! This ‘widget’ appears.

    Its not a widget, its the multitasking bar. Apple put the iPod controls in there because they took the double tap quick control feature away to use double tap for the multi tasking.

    • Yes, apologies if that was unclear. I meant to highlight the potential further widgets would have beyond the multi-tasking bar.

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