NME and BlackBerry team up for new "Breakthrough" music social network

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NME Breakthrough thumb.jpgNME and BlackBerry are to team up on a new social network. Breakthrough will be primarily aimed at musicians and music fans, allowing users to upload music and videos onto a network teeming with music aficionados.

Uploaded music will also have a chance of being featured in the coveted NME magazine itself, as well as offering opportunities for bands to play at high-profile shows such as the Lovebox festival in London.

David Moynihan, NME.COM editor, said: “NME Breakthrough supported by Blackberry is a step for us in providing a channel for artists and our users to connect with each other. Our website and magazine play a key role in keeping our audience informed with the latest news and expert reviews, and this new social networking platform is giving our users direct interaction with bands.

“It also acts as an important medium for bands to listen to what their fans want, through a simple rating feature. In addition, we are going to offer amazing opportunities on the site; the rewarded artists will perform at an NME Radar event as well as a key festival this summer.”

With NME’s cool-seal of approval lending the network some credibility and direct access to key music journos, Breakthrough could be an up-and-coming artists best shot at stardom.

Check it out here.

Gerald Lynch
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