Samsung and Panasonic 3D TV glasses get compatibility work around

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samsung 3d glasses.jpg3D TV manufacturers may have come to an agreement over a standard 3D Blu-ray format, but the same sadly cant be said of their 3D glasses tech. If you’re lucky enough to be an early adopter of either Samsung or Panasonic 3D TV sets, you’ll be annoyed to find your glasses aren’t compatible with the other brand’s screens.

Or at least not compatible wearing them the conventional way round. Pop your glasses on upside down and you may be surprised to find that Panasonic glasses work with Samsung screens and vice versa!

The thinking behind the fix from Home Cinema Choice is actually very simple: both manufacturer’s glasses use polarising lenses, but both chose to put them into the frames the opposite way round.

“I successfully enjoyed 3DTV on a Panasonic model with upside-down Samsung glasses, and vice versa,” said HCC’s Steve May.

“Admittedly it wasn’t a very comfortable experience, and you do look stupider than normal trying it, but heck, this is what we’ve all been reduced to…”

A common standard for active shutter 3D glasses is said to be on the way. Might be worth holding out for that to be set in stone before splashing out on a 3D TV, or face looking like a Star Wars extra when watching a rival brand’s telly.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Whatever they do, I think active 3D glasses still can’t beat the passive 3D glasses when it comes to 3D experience as whole. People make mistake of considering only the picture quality but both comfort and picture quality should be taken into account when choosing a 3D TV. I made the same mistake and got a Samsung 3D TV but had to return it soon after because I got constant eyestrain and headache from watching it. I exchanged it for a passive 3D TV from LG and I’m satisfied with it. It gives great quality 2D and 3D pictures and there’s no discomfort to my eyes.

  • These glasses are LCS not polarized and this trick only works when both tvs are available, as the glasses will not turn on from another manufacturers tv. These glasses also have different color lenses which affect picture.

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