Facebook security flaw lets you spy on friends' live chats

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Oh dear. Tips of quite a big security flaw in Facebook starting to trickle in.

As detailed in the above video, a newly found flaw in the social network’s security procedures means that any user can view the live instant messaging chats of their friends, as well as access pending friend requests of other users and friends shared in common.

In an ironic twist, the exploit that allows this to happen is found through the preview feature of your own privacy settings. In other words, a Facebook security feature that actually puts your sensitive information at risk. *Sigh*

It looks like Facebook are already on the case with intermittent reports of the exploit working for some users now and not others. Let us know if you’ve noticed any strange activity or if the exploit still works on your account.

Gerald Lynch
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  • This flaw must be brought to the notice of facebook authorities and they must do something to ensure full privacy of its users. Otherwise anybody can take advantage of this serious flaw.

  • Went to see if it works and it appears chat is down for maintenance….

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