Social networks need to be more useful, so stop poking me and get a job!

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facebook_poke_serious_cartoon.pngAfter last week’s cry from those with the cash that there are too many social networks, more voices are calling for social networks to become more useful.

That follows comments from Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, saying that they hadn’t yet found the best way to advertise and monetise social networks, and statistics which suggest that the popularity of social networks are declining a little.

ComScore’s stats showed that the number of US visitors to MySpace fell from 72 to 68 million last month, while the average time spent on Facebook profiles per user dropped from 195.6 minutes to 161.3 minutes.

Apparently, this shows that social networks are now “mature”, which possibly accounts for a fall in the number of inane “poke” and “vampire” applications that are doing the rounds. Oh no, hang on…

A few analysts took the boring route, suggesting that widgets needed to include weather and stocks checking (yawn), oh… and concert dates. That’s a bit more like it.

(Via Dailytech)

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