LG shows off P300 premium thin notebook

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lg_p330_thin_notebook.pngThin technology is obviously an increasingly desirable thing, and if it’s not super-flat panel TVs, it’s notebook PCs.

LG has shown off its MacBook Air / ThinkPad X300 killing thin laptop, the P300 which is just 1.6kg in weight and… well, it’s thin — I haven’t managed to discern from the Korean video exactly how thin.

However, it sports a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS graphics card, 2GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive, LED backlit LCD, Bluetooth 2.0, 1.3 megapixel webcam, stereo speakers, and microphone.

Oh and it has a black rose pattern on the cover, edged with aluminium.

No news on its pricing or availability in the UK yet, but watch out for more extra thin notebooks as everyone tries to outdo Apple.

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Andy Merrett
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  • I just bought this laptop and it has got to be the best by far.. being a tech geek myself, this system has the most silent fan and excellent speed for such a thin notebook. It’s extremely light and very user friendly.

    Here are some of the specs to rave about..
    -ultra slim and light
    -User friendly
    -external DVD r/w drive
    -comes with 1gb turbo memory (robson chip)
    -3gb ram
    -very silent fan (fan comes with three modes- silent, cool and normal) even at normal, you can’t hear it
    -comes with SRS 3d WOW surround sound (you can turn it off with a push of a button)
    -comes with LG smart (allows you to monitor battery, LCD brightness and master volume with ease–> no more clicking around in control panel!!!)
    -Recovery button is F11.. can reboot and recover without use of a CD

    That’s only a bit of the brilliance… beats macbook air handsdown..

    THANKS LG!!!!!!!

  • it’s not thin at all; it’s thicker than an inch (mostly) .
    It’s just that its spec/weight ratio is really good.
    its size is 312mm x 237mm x 21mm ~ 32mm
    and it’s like $2600

  • By the look of it, it has already outdone Apple. This here is a sexy thin notebook that you can do things with. A concept lost on the ‘form before function’ Air.

    Also, now that Dell have announced the cheapest Blu-Ray toting notebook on the planet by way of their Inspiron refresh I’m hoping for similarly good news of the uber-mobile XPS M1330.

    Then I’ll have a great little affordable notebook that through it’s external HDMI port and internal drive will also be a great little Blu-Ray player for my HDTV.

    Two birds. One cheque. Nice.

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