MY FINAL WISH: Sprinkle bits of me on the moon

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celestis-moon-burials-ashes-funeral.jpgForget leaving money to the kids. They’ll just waste it on cars and holidays. The gentlemanly way to spend your life savings post-death is clearly having your ashes dumped on the surface of the moon.

Yes. Having your ashes dumped ON THE SURFACE OF THE MOON!

Space burial company Celestis – which already blasts ashes into orbit – reckons that from early next year you’ll be able to pay $10,000 to have a small amount of your ashes taken to the moon.

Private companies Odyssey Moon and Astrobotic are providing the lunar landers, which will be stacked up with the charred remains of rich people and blasted moon-wards. Nicely gets around the fact that no one will bother showing up for my funeral, too.

(Via SpaceRef)

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