XCOR Lynx – Tech Digest's Space Plane of the Week

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We literally cannot get enough of the burgeoning “space plane” scene. The idea of getting onto a plane and ending up IN SPACE (and surrounded by sexy space stewardesses) is simply too exciting to comprehend.

There’s the small matter of the £100k or so it’ll cost to get on-board one of these “space planes,” but we’ll be trying as hard as possible (toast for dinner, no milk in tea, only one lightbulb on it the house at once) to save that much by 2010 – when the XCOR Lynx here is supposed to be ready to go into service.

The tiny little two-seater “space plane” is designed to take off from a regular runway, then fly up to a height of nearly 40 miles – enough to make people and cars on the ground look incredibly small.

(Via CrunchGear)

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Gary Cutlack
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