Ashes Cricket 2009 – coming in August


Cricket games are never all that great, let’s be honest. Graham Gooch World Class Cricket on the Amiga was okay but the batsmen would run without prompting causing numerous, unnecessary, run-outs and many a smashed joystick.

But if there was ever a games console designed for a cricket simulator then surely it’s the Wii? Ashes Cricket 2009 by Codemasters will put that theory to the test when it is released next month.

The gameplay has the potential to be excellent. Codemasters is promising various shot types when batting including drives, cuts and slogs – hopefully you’ll also be able to reverse-sweep for six, KP stylee. When fielding, players will be able to polish the ball to affect its movement and bowlers will have to turn the remote during their action in order to swing the ball.

The features of the game sound pretty impressive too – the top eight test playing nations will be there along with real kits and real names. So no Harry Flentoff or Rocky Punting. All formats of the game will be present including tests and 20/20 and they’ll be played in 10 real stadiums with commentary by Jonathan Agnew, Shane Warne, Ian Botham, Ian Bishop and Tony Greig. No Bumble unfortunately.

Pre-order it from Game on the Wii for £29.99. It’s £37.99 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and £24.99 on the PC – although they don’t sound as much fun as the Wii version.

Blow me up Scotty: James Doohan's ashes scattered with Falcon 1


You may have already read about SpaceX’s failure to get their privately funded rocketship Falcon 1 into space on Saturday night, but just what you may have missed is the news that stowed onboard the doomed rocket-ship, ready for delivery to space, were three commercial satellites and the cremated remains of 200 people.

Of those 200 urns of ashes blown into mile-high confetti, one happened to contain the remains of everyone’s favourite Scottish Star Trek engineer: Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (actor James Doohan)…