Gadget Ashes – are the Aussies rubbish at gadgets?


There’s no denying that you have to doff your Outback Caps to the Aussies. They build beautiful cities in places where really no human should ever venture, boast some of the best cuisine (and coffee) in the world and dominate international cricket.
However when it comes to gadgets our friends from down under aren’t even on the starting blocks.
Ok, so we Poms don’t have a huge amount to crow about.
We can claim some pretty decent top-end AV companies, a huge mobile phone network and some interesting entrepreneurs who have developed some cool gadgets.
At a push we can also grab a slice of Apple (well Jonathan Ive is the main man there right?), Sony Ericsson (headquartered in London with very British sensibilities) and Nokia N series phones (based on Symbian architecture which was pioneered in the UK by the much missed Psion).
But the Aussies… in the Gadgets Ashes there is certainly no need for messrs Duckworth and Lewis.
So far I have come up with Røde the very cool microphone manufacturer, but that’s it. Now there are plenty of Aussies in the UK running very successful tech companies – this one springs instantly to mind. There is also a strong SEO/web based community which has Problogger Darren Rowse as its patron saint. But it seems very few gadget companies and start ups.
I put the call out on Twitter, scoured Google and even emailed and spoke to a few tech savvy Aussies, but they couldn’t add to the list.
So over to you. Is the gadget Ashes a five-nil whitewash to the poms? Are there any killer Aussie start ups? Prove us wrong.

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One thought on “Gadget Ashes – are the Aussies rubbish at gadgets?

  • The name ipod was “invented ” by the Aussies
    The Black boxes in planes … invented by Aussies
    Bionic ears .. Aussies
    Artificial pace maker … just to name a few

    The Aussies do have a use you see

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